Hipster Glasses: here to Stay

by Giselle Wedemire, Lifestyle Editor | April 5, 2012
Original story at: http://www.theweal.com/2012/04/05/hipster-glasses-here-to-stay/

The old adage of wearing your heart on your sleeve has given way to wearing your personality on the bridge of your nose with the immensely popular ‘hipster glasses’.

Iconic and easily identifiable, hipster specs are the eyewear trend du jour, and are generally characterized by over-sized, thick black-rimmed frames. Originally popular in the 1960s, the bold eyewear look was famously popularized by artistic types such as Buddy Holly and Woody Allen, but fell to the wayside during the 1990s when sleeker designs were coveted.

According to Dr. Diana Monea of Kensington’s Eye Health Centre, the reason the geek chic trend has seen its ups and downs is because framewear trends cycle every five years or so. Now that the bold and artsy look of the hipster glasses is back and receiving high demand, Monea said that more and more design houses are happily obliging by producing fabulously modified versions of classic, retro looks.

“We’re all going back to that retro look because it’s exciting, and people are looking for something different,” Monea said.

With the rise in popularity of retro fashions, new life has been breathed into the statement-making spectacles. For ACAD student Adam Ross, his bold frames help to visually communicate a bit of his personality because they are, “Strong, bold and confident— and a little bit aggressive.”

This non-verbal communication of his personality, he said, is crucial when attending an art school where everybody is constantly trying to differentiate and express themselves in various ways.

The apparent ubiquity of the style makes it hard to believe that this style conveys individuality and elements of one’s personality, especially when a pair of retro glasses can be spotted virtually anywhere you look nowadays. The style’s widespread popularity is an irksome feature for ACAD student TJ Heaton, who hopes that this trend dies down sometime soon.

“Hopefully this trend won’t last much longer so I can be cool again,” Heaton said. “Right now, when I’m with a big group of friends, I feel like I’m on a fucking football team or something because we all look alike.”

While this trend may cycle every five years, Monea speculated that the style could very well be here to stay as it has combined a strong, classic style with modified and modern embellishments.

The “nerd” glasses of today are not identical to their originals because design houses have readapted to the current market by, “Adding some flavour and vivacity” to the iconic frames.

For 2012, anticipated updates for the retro eyeglass look include bright pops of tangerine and embellishments made of wood and buffalo horn.

These are intended to extend the trend’s shelf life.

The booming market for these distinctive frames shows it is unlikely the demand will subside any time soon.

Original story at: http://www.theweal.com/2012/04/05/hipster-glasses-here-to-stay/