Canadian Survey Suggests Parents Require More Eye Health Awareness

August 25th, 2016

The Canadian Association of Optometrists conducted a study in 2016 which revealed the following points:

  • Alberta parents rank child eye health as one of their lowest health priorities, with less than 25 per cent choosing it as one of their top three concerns.
  • The survey revealed that more than 75 per cent of Alberta parents are unaware that vision problems can cause speech difficulties.
  • More than 50 per cent of Alberta parents are unaware that vision problems can lead to developmental delays.
  • 50 per cent of parents do not realize that a vision problem may be the cause of short attention spans in children.
  • 12 per cent of Alberta parents are not taking their child for a comprehensive eye exam.

Children should begin receiving comprehensive eye health exams at age 6 months and annually to age 17. These exams are paid annually by the provincial government. Read more about childhood eye health at the Children’s Vision section of our online Eye Health Library.

Book your child’s eye health vision exam online today for any of our Eye Health Centres locations in Calgary or Regina.

Dr. Monea Receives Calgary Leadership Award

June 30th, 2016

The following was written about Dr. Monea in the 2016 Calgary Leaders edition of “Business in Calgary” Magazine, July 2016.

Eye Health Centres provide comprehensive visual health services in the original Regina practice which opened in 1982, and in its two Calgary locations.  The Kensington practice opened in 2000, and a third location is now open in southwest Calgary.  With eclectic and luxury spectacles, Eye Health Centres keeps growing and now has fourth generation patients.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken!” I was 10, poor, on a farm, near Killdeer, Saskatchewan.  I wanted new shoes, not my older sister’s hand-me-downs (or my three younger brothers’ recycles).  It struck me…the gift of poverty…’if it was to be, it would be up to me!’  My Dad, Nick Monea believed in me, convinced me to follow my dreams, to remember my roots, to make a difference, to give back.  He died at my current age; this memory, I dedicate to him.”

~ Dr. Diana Mae Monea
Optometrist & Owner
Eye Health Centres



April 11th, 2016



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The Spin Girls raise $2290 for Prostate Cancer in Calgary

March 10th, 2016

Eye Health Centres is very proud of our SPIN Girls, who participated in the very first  Women for Men’s Health Spin-a-Thon on March 5, 2016. They raised and contributed $2,290 toward the total of $65,000 for the Prostate Cancer Centre in Calgary. These funds will stay in Calgary and support Men’s Health Initiatives at the Prostate Cancer Centre.

Congratulations ladies & A Big “Thank you!” from Doc!







Prostate Cancer Centre
6500 – 7007 14 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2V 1P9


New Eye Doctor in Calgary at Both Eye Health Centres Locations

March 10th, 2016

Eye Health Centres is happy to announce our new Associate at both Calgary locations, Dr. Catharine Cheon!  Read more about Dr. Catharine Cheon in her biography or book an appointment to see Optometrist Dr. Catharine Cheon at the Kensington or Shawnee locations in Calgary.

Dr. Diana Monea Featured On #Sunnyside365 December 27, 2015

February 18th, 2016

Dr. Diana Monea at Eye Health Centres Kensington OfficeOriginal post by Ara Shimoon at

“Originally, I’m from Saskatchewan, but I’ve been practicing Optometry since ’78. I bought up this office on Kensington Road 16 years ago. I have another office in the South-west, and one in Regina. I’ve got 5 associates and over 30 employees. I love this eclectic area.

I’ve been dressing like this since the day I was born.

I was born in rural Saskatchewan. My mom was a nurse, my dad was a hunter/trapper, and we were dirt poor. My father had all these furs that he would sell to Hudson Bay. I used to snip off little pieces and dress my dolls in them.

When I was ten years-old, we got a Sears Catalogue and on it’s cover was this fur coat with this beautiful fur collar. I wanted it so badly. You see, back then my father made us raise these calfs. I took such good care of mine. I worked so hard to make sure it was nice and fattened up. I bought the market report magazine and found out exactly the right time to sell it and pushed my father to take the calf to market. He told me that it was too soon, but I convinced him and we sold the calf for $100. I took the money and bought myself that coat. I got it and wore it for so long!

I’m like Cher. People ask me, “What’s the occasion?” and I say that every day is the occasion. But really, I dress for the kids. I think you should have fun because life is really short you know? Bring a laugh to people’s face. I have this new associate who gets all his fashion tips from a Men’s Health Magazine and I tell him, ‘You need to get your own style, you’re own personality.’

I’m on the Children’s Vision Committee for Alberta. A lot of the kids I saw back in ’78 have kids of their own now and I see them. They don’t want to go anywhere else because ‘Dr. Monea is so much fun!’

My designer, Michelle, has been making these outfits for me. We’ve been working together since 2005. She had a collection at this little place downtown, I walked in and just said, “I’ll take that, this, those, and these.” Now she designs things for me to wear every day like this outfit. But the hats are really special… I wear them to visit the ladies at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and they just love them. I wear the hats for them.

It’s not a runway modelling thing for me. You’ll see me in Safeway with my groceries dressed like this. I actually wear this shit. Ha, Ha, Ha!” Dr. Diana Monea, Eye Health Centre, Kensington Road

Original post by Ara Shimoon at

Enjoy Reduced Eye Fatigue And Enter To Win With Eyezen!

February 17th, 2016

Eyezen has a new competition, “CONNECT TO BETTER RELAX!” to be held from February 20th to May 31st 2016.

You will have the chance to enter a draw for a package to stay in a Fairmont hotel in Canada and one of three pairs of glasses outfitted with Crizal® EyezenTM PrevenciaTM lenses.

Simply stop in to one of the Eye Health Centres locations in Regina or Calgary and see how Eyezen lenses can help reduce eye fatigue from prolonged exposure to digital screens, and you could have the chance to enter the draw!

Early warning gives Alta. family jump-start on baby’s eye cancer treatment

December 13th, 2015

Original article from CTV news

An Alberta family is warning parents that a simple photograph is all it takes to raise red flags over a rare form of childhood eye cancer as their 10-month-old undergoes chemotherapy treatment for the disease.

The Moreland family is currently in Toronto while their 10-month-old son Carson receives treatment for retinoblastoma at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Carson’s father, Sean Moreland, also had retinoblastoma as a child and lost one eye to the disease.

Moreland knew to look for signs of the illness in his two boys, as the disease could be hereditary.

“It’s just a matter of taking a picture with a flash,” Moreland told CTV Calgary. “If you see that red reflex in one eye and not in the other, or both pupils are milky, just go see your doctor.”

Fortunately for Carson, doctors caught the cancer early.

Since Carson’s diagnosis on Nov. 23 he’s already had one round of chemotherapy for retinoblastoma in both eyes.

“The benefit is we got him started on chemo really quickly,” Moreland said. “When the cells in the tumour are multiplying rapidly, we were informed that chemo is most effective at that point, so we were really privileged we got the diagnosis and got the treatment one after the other.”

Doctors are confident they can save Carson’s left eye, but warn there’s about a 50 per cent chance that he’ll lose the right eye.

“His right eye may not get good vision because the tumour is right under the centre of vision right now,” Dr. Brenda Gallie of the Hospital for Sick Children said. “However, the tumour just might pull away, giving a little bit of improvement.”

Meanwhile, in the Moreland’s hometown of High River, Alta., the community is coming together to raise money for the family.

The town’s Mayor Craig Snodgrass is encouraging residents to donate to an online fundraising campaign that’s already raised more than $11,000.

“The financial component of it is very important, so they can afford to stay out there and get little Carson the right treatment,” Snodgrass said.

Carson’s mom Candice Black said the outpouring of support has given the family strength.

“It’s very easy to feel alone when you get a diagnosis and the next day you’re whisked across the country,” she said.

Original article from CTV news with a report from CTV Calgary

Dr. Monea on Calgary’s Breakfast Television August 18, 2015

August 24th, 2015

Dr. Monea discusses why children need a back-to-school eye exam on the August 18th, 2015 edition of Breakfast Television Calgary.


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