As much as 75% of the population wears some form of eyewear daily - for either function of fashion. You don't have to compromise on either thanks to our great selection of eyeglass frames from the best designers. When it comes to your vision, your eyewear should provide you with the best clarity and still be scratch resistant and easy to clean. This is why we recommend and use only the best lenses and lens coatings available for both eye glasses and sunglasses.

Eye Health Centres is the only authorized retailer of Cartier spectacles for Southern Alberta.

UV blocking sunglasses represent a level of protection that keep your eyes safe from damage and discomfort caused by the high UV or intense lighting conditions experienced by most people every day. Sunglasses are available in many great frames, including designer frames, and with different lens coatings and tints, for prescription or non-prescription wearers.

Optical Boutique

Boasts "nothing but the best!" We believe in "vision with style". We carry a wide range of exclusive frame collections as Lafont, Tom Ford, Ed Hardy, Chrome Hearts, Jean Paul Gautier and Swarovski. Our customizable frames are available in carved wood, genuine horn, titanium and other materials.

Our optical dispensary fills all types of prescriptions for eyeglass frames and lenses. We emphasize satisfying your individual needs with materials of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Annually the Doctors and Opticians attend many optical seminars both nationally and internationally to advise and offer you the latest technology and products.

Our Doctors and staff know that visual preformance depends as much on the quality and fit of the eyeglasses as on the thoroughness of your eye-health examination with state of the art equipment.

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If your eye-health examination reveals a need for new spectacles we recommend that you place the order through our dispensary. This, of course, is not required but means definite advantages for you. As a result of discussion and examination, we have gained special knowledge of your visual performance and needs and can advise you on how to obtain the maximum benefit from your eyewear. In addition, we can guarantee the prescription is filled accurately and make adjustments as needed.

We create an environment whether adult or child where the patient feels comfortable experimenting with eyewear as an expression of their own personal style - "Art for your Face."

Patients find our individualized approach to defining their visual needs an "eye opening" experience.

In today's environment of self-serve, one size fits all, we believe that the collaboration between patient and our office is the only way to guarantee complete enjoyment of your eyewear.

We specialize in unique children's frames. Children's needs and concerns about peer acceptance, and appearance with spectacles has a major affect on self esteem. With our expertise and "cool" selection of frames children are proud of their new look!

For more information about eyewear, please see the links found elsewhere on this page, or stop in to an Eye Health Centres Optical Boutique location in person and ask our knowledgeable staff for assistance.