Eye Health Exams

Eye Health Centres is the place to go for comprehensive eye health exams. We provide complete patient care, service and education while focusing on preventative eye health.

Our Examination involves:

  • Front Desk—you will be asked to fill out a patient information form which includes pertinent information about you which is held in absolute confidence at this office in accordance with the “privacy act”
  • This information will then be entered into our computer to secure an electronic file on you.
  • The pre-test technician will then take you into the pre-test room, here she will begin with a digital fundus photograph which documents your visual health permanently-this picture is unique to you like a thumb print, the doctors will later discuss these pictures with you, this is e a picture of your retina — the only place in the body where you can see the blood flowing without cutting-thus many diseases present here and are visible before presenting elsewhere as M.S., diabetes, hypertensive retinopathy, brain tumors – please refer to photogallery of eye disease on this website.
  • Next is the automated refractor & corneal topographer-this instrument objectively gives us a guide line as to what your prescription is, it also takes a map of the outer part of your eye determining it’s shape which is important in contact-lens fitting, refractive surgery, and various eye conditions that affect the cornea as Keratoconus, and dry eyes.
  • Visual Fields-FTD-automated perimeter - this instrument takes a map of how well the visual cells in your brain associated with vision are being used, it is very diagnostic in determining many diseases that affect vision as Glaucoma, M.S. Diabetes, tumor etc. In these diseases there is a loss of visual field, which gets worse as the condition progresses.

Eye exams in Calgary, Alberta
Eye exams in Regina, Saskatchewan

To insure proper eye-healthcare for a lifetime, we recommend the following:

Children: Begin at age 6 months and annually to age 17. These exams are paid annually by the provincial government.
Please note: 80% of Learning is through Vision. Every year thousands of children in schools suffer with poor self-concept unnecessarily. 60% of "problem learners" have undetected vision problems!

Adults 17-65: At least every 2 years!

Adults 65+: Annually to review for Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and other eye-health issues.
Diabetics, Hypertensive patients, contact lens wearers and those working on a computer more than 2 hours per day should receive an annual exam.

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