Cirrus™ HD-OCT

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Cirrus HD-OCT

Some views draw the observer directly into the picture – views such as those offered by Cirrus HD-OCT. This new high-performance OCT instrument from Carl Zeiss Meditec offers a quantum leap forward in imaging. Featuring spectral domain technology, Cirrus HD-OCT delivers exquisite high-definition images of ocular structures, precise registration and intuitive, efficient operation.

It's not just spectral domain. It's High-Definition OCT. Cirrus HD-OCT realizes the superior capabilities of ZEISS optics and provides exquisite high definition images and analyses for enhanced clinical confidence. Beautiful high definition OCT scans and LSO fundus images provide visualization of retinal structure. HD layer maps and thickness maps reveal the critical details of histology and pathology at a glance.

Cirrus HD-OCT

Cirrus™ HD-OCT is a device used by both Ophthalmologists and Optometrists as a tool to view the back layer of the eye, the retina including the optic nerve and the macula.  Optical tomography (OCT) imaging system captures 3D high definition line scans of the retina for precise detail of retinal tissue and EARLY detection of disease/pathology.  The scan and images are then reviewed by your doctor to detect and monitor various retinal conditions such as diabetes, age related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.  By doing this scan, your doctor is better equipped to make a decision on treatment. Based on your scan results, the results can be sent to an eye care specialist reducing the wait time for both the referral and treatment plan.

With this Information: The Doctors at our clinic will same day e-mail the information to the appropriate speciality through a secure site: MDCollaborate - private and encrypted, web-based communication system for both doctors and their patients.

  • Enables doctors to provide uninsured patient services for a fee
  • Provides patients convenient and improved access to their doctor
  • Allows for improved communication between doctors
  • Eliminates the worrisome long waits for preforming and sending necessary test data to specialists.
  • Response as to care and treatment is given to patient in 24 to 48 hours.

New! Cirrus™ HD-OCT – Immerse Yourself In the Image

More Cirrus Info

The manufacturer, Carl Zeiss, has a website for the HD-OCT which has several informative demonstration videos. You can view them at the Cirrus HD website.